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Rydo is firmly committed to a sustainable development approach, thanks to a drastic separation of waste, both in our production area and at the installation sites. We also fight daily against all forms of discomfort and insecurity thanks to the protection of works, installations, equipment and materials.


The commitment to our customers is always carried out with the utmost rigor, which sets us apart in the market. We assume all responsibility and all obligations in the timely and contractual fulfillment of your work. Precise construction times, high quality and safety are the criteria by which we are governed.


The quality of our projects and the safety of our employees are our main priority. To meet the high quality and safety requirements at work, we are in the process of certifying metal structures, windows (standard 1090 – CE marking) and also in the quality certification of our organization (standard ISSO – 9001).

Rydo specializes in civil metalwork, metalworking and cutting and bending. Established in Braga, he already has more than 30 years of experience having carried out projects in Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, United States, among others. Thanks to this vast experience and our qualified teams, we are able to take care of various stages related to our activity. From our engineering office to the manufacture of various types of materials, Rydo has the skills and know-how to carry out your project with the utmost rigor and quality.

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We have a wide range of iron products to satisfy all our customers. Quality, innovation and professionalism are our goals, for the loyalty of our customers.

Social Housing – Bairro da Cruz Vermelha

Work – Jardins de S. Mamede in Lisbon

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Our partnerships sought to find new markets, in order to create new products for all those who seek to correspond and accompany an increasingly demanding and competitive market.


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